Friday, August 17, 2012

High Five for Friday

FRIDAY!!! Oh how I have missed you!!  I just want to be home this weekend with nothing to do....I mean NOTHING (but what I want to do)!

I'm linking up with Lauren @From My Grey Desk for another H54F & here is what I'm high fivin' this week!

1.  My $3 manicure!  Sephora had some nail polish on clearance for $3 and I had to get it! and I love it! The picture does not do the color justice.  This is Burst of Mango Cream.

2. This week saw some beautiful days.  God has created such a beautiful world!!

3.  This is my THIRD water cup that I have dropped to the ground and broke. I think it may be a sign to find a different type of beverage holder to carry around. Suggestions anyone?  I particularly like ones with straws.

4.  They added new furniture to my office lobby and this lonesome chair is the only one of it's kind....AND I LOVE IT. I want to take it and put it in my office area!  

5.  Do you ever have a day where you just need to "Bun" it?  Yeah, well, yesterday was that day. I have been so tired that I just couldn't get myself up early enough to do my went right up in a bun!

How was your week?  Leave me a comment, or a link, or both! =)  



  1. Cracked cup?! Booo! I need a straw too. I am cheap and get mine from Target. Nothing fancy, so I'm probably no help there...
    I may have to stop by a Sephora here! $3?! That's awesome!

    New follower from the #H54F Link Up. Nice to meet ya!


    1. Nice to meet you too! I should probably just bite the bullet and by a lot at one time then I will always have a back up...humph!

  2. I love your mani! SO pretty!

    1. Thanks! So easy and so inexpensive...the BEST kind!