Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ear Bleeds, Nose Bleeds, A Rock, & A Review

I really wanted to give you all the review of the WeightNot Program on Monday, however; numerous events occurred that hindered me from having the ability to do so.

Ear Bleeds
On Sunday and Monday, my husband had blood draining from his ear. Gross, I know. I told him he must go see a doctor, but who listens to their wife, when they work with a bunch of electricians who seem to think they are doctors themselves. It wasn’t until his foreman told him it is dangerous for him not to be able to hear on the jobsite and he needs to go get it checked out. So, Mike thanks for telling my husband for me, since he listens to you better than he listen to me. Turns out, he has a middle ear infection….most commonly found in children. HA! Suspicions have been confirmed. He really is just an over grown kid!

Nose Bleeds
Now, on to lovely Tuesday! Around 3 pm, I received a call from the Health Room at my daughter’s school. Apparently, her nose started bleeding out of nowhere and when she saw the blood she proceeded to pass out (the nurse believes that this was just the reaction to seeing all the blood). Luckily, the nurse got to her before she hit the ground.

A Rock
Tuesday night, my oldest had a softball game. I got my Bird (my little one’s nickname) all cleaned up and ready to go (same one who had the nose bleed). Shortly in to the third inning, I heard a blood-curdling scream. Yes, it was from Bird. She was playing with another little boy who decided to throw a rock at her head (right above her eye). Now, he is only 3 I don't think it malicious, however, she has a nice lump on her head. Oh yes, it has been an eventful past few days! Ahhh, the fun of husbands and kids!

A Review
Now to what you have been waiting for. Among all the craziness in my household the past few days, I did have my last appointment for the WeightNot program and technically, I am off the diet. However, I am on a transition period for the next two weeks to help “reset” my body.
This program was amazing! As you can see, I still have some weight to loose, however, realistically; I realized that 20 lbs was probably the amount I would see fall off. This diet is not for the weak. As with any other diets, it is hard and it is a lifestyle change. But, I can say that a major plus for this diet is the fact that I saw loss in areas that I never have seen a loss in before. Such as my flanks (love handles), a lot in my stomach I lost 3.75 inches!, and some in my thy area. I did not lose anything in my breasts. This is a plus because I work very hard to find the biggest padded bras possible to make it look like I have something. HAHAHA! There was also, absolutely no mood changes either. I was usually my chipper self!
More importantly, I learned more about people and myself during this program. I love who I am and who I become during this entire process. I learned to not care what others think, since this is a rather extreme diet (please see previous RANT post), I learned that my husband and kids love me the way I am diet or no diet, and I learned that I love who I am.

So, would I recommend this program? Yes, I would, as long as you are a dedicated and determined person in anything that you do. It is so important not to deviate from the diet at all. The counselors are wonderful, especially Christy, who was my WeightNot counselor, who actually has been reading my blog! She was available to me whenever I needed her. There was actually a weekend where I emailed her and she emailed me back in less than 24 hours.
So, if you still aren’t sure and you have some other questions to ask me leave them below in the comment area and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

If you do decide to do it, tell them I sent you, and I believe they still have introductory pricing too! So, you can get it for cheap. I believe, there is a discount, if you were recommended too.  I don't know how it works, you would need to talk to them, but, even if you can't use it, still tell them that you heard the program was awesome and want to try it!  (I still have to read all those details!)
Those of you already on it, please tell me more about how you are doing. I want to encourage you and help be a building block in your success!
I will be blogging more later about the transition period and my exercise regimen. I will even post my workout routine for those who want to know. And, I will have my before and after photos posted up as soon as I can get my camera working.
I hope to continue my revolution and spread the revolution to others!

With love, a skinnier and happier Nicole!


  1. So your finished! I can't wait to see the new you! I hope things have calmed down at your house after all of that chaos! Glad you are doing well! (:

  2. You inspired me to both start the WeightNot program and blog my results. Thanks!

  3. Congratulations! I am so happy for you to start your journey. Keep in mind, it isn't easy. But I will be here if you need some advice!

  4. I just set my first appointment for the program. I was hoping to fund out how your transition period went and if you have had any weight gain since finishing the injections. I finished grad school last year so I am sure you have been busy but if you have a minute for an update, I would love to know how you are doing.

  5. New Post coming soon!! Be on the look out!

  6. How much weight did you want to lose in total and how long did it take you to lose 26lbs?

  7. When it was all said and done it was about 40 days. Not bad. =)

  8. does it really work
    Is it worth the money