Friday, August 17, 2012

Fashion Friday - Back to School

Another round of Fashion Friday!  This week we have a back to school edition!

It's just over one week before my kids go back to school {I am jumping for joy here but don't tell my kids that!} If you are on the west coast it is my understanding that schools already in session! Lucky!

What I love to do is find ways incorporate the "Runway" look with the "Street" style!  This past Fall Fashion Week I saw a TON of here's what I came up with.

Back To School

First can I just say how much I love Boyfriend jeans!? Old Navy used to carry them for little girls but the last time I went (which was 2 weeks ago) I couldn't find any! Those, by far, are Bird's favorite pair of jeans she owns.  I don't know what I will do, I mean they are so comfortable and actually a pair of jeans that she will wear without complaining, I anxiety attack is starting to arise!  Get it together! I think I smell a project coming on!!

My favorite part about this look is the chic-ness of the jacket but the fun-ness of the top and wedges.  The cool stripped gray backpack lighten's the edge and gives some fun mixing of prints too!

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