Thursday, August 16, 2012

How about these RIMS?

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Some of you may not know this but I am a "Four Eyes."  Yep, I can't see without my glasses.  I complained about my vision for so many years, knowing that I should have been wearing my glasses but never did.  However, it got to the point where I was having trouble driving, working; even seeing the television, I decided it was time to give in to the pressure and get me some snazzy new prescription eyeglasses.

After seeing the doctor I realized what an awesome fashion accessory these things are!  In fact, I have noticed a lot more celebrities wearing their eyeglasses as more as a fashion statement then because they "have" too.

So, I am beginning to start a good collection of glasses frames but I have been in the search for larger black rimmed pair; kinda "Old Skool Nerd" if you will!

Can you believe it?  Someone was listening to me because a short time ago and I crossed paths!  They have a HUGE selection of eyeglasses for women and men with an awesome virtual mirror that I took the liberty of playing with! See!

These are the women's iSee 504 Black frames.  I think they look pretty cute.  It's a little off center {I need to find a better picture to put it dead center....practice makes perfect right?!?}, so I think I am going to play with the virtual mirror some more with other pictures!  Here's the virtual mirror you can play with too!  Link me your pics!  I want to see!! They make it super easy to shop around their website and use the virtual mirror!

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Wearing glasses are going from Nerdy to Chic lightening fast! Plus, it helps when they are less expensive and cute too!

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