Monday, February 15, 2010

Okay, It has been a month

Ok, it has been a month and I have gotten no where. To be honest I have lost all motivation necessary to keep this up. However; I heard about the Reveal MedSpa, WeightNot program, and decided to look in to it. Here is what I know...

  • I would be under the direction of a board certified physician
  • It is a 40 day program
  • Every morning I inject myself with hormones that apparently will help burn off fat cells
  • In conjunction with the injections I will need to be on a low calorie diet
  • The average person who did this program lost 30-40 pounds

The girls that I have spoken with have been extremely helpful and nice! I discussed it with my husband and decided to try the program. Now obviously, the program is not free, nor cheap. It is quite a pretty penny, but since I have tried everything I could possibly try, from pills, to shakes and everything in between, I figured I would try this as well.

What I will do now, is VLOG & BLOG my personal review of this program. I am no way endorsing this program nor, getting paid by Reveal for the review. I want to be able to give people a way to learn more about the program from a real person who is struggling to lose weight and has an honest opinion about it. I don't know how many times you hear stories from actors/actresses and paid people by the company about how good something is, when it has been exaggerated. When I was researching this program I was not able to find anything that gave me opinions about the program. So, I guess I am the first.

Here is what has happened so far...I can only do the program if my blood work comes back ok. They check for numerous amounts of things, from current hormone levels to the thyroid information. I did this on Friday and am waiting for Reveal to call me and set up my appointment for my consultation and information session. From what I know, I will only go to the Reveal headquarters twice. Once in the beginning to get my first photo taken and my materials and then at the end to take my after photo and for them to give me the tools I will need to maintain. Once I have the appointment, I will beginning posting BLOGS on a daily basis and VLOG's on a weekly basis.

Yay! I am so excited and can't wait to give more details!

Here's to my Revolution 2010!



  1. Hi Nicole! I'm so glad I found this!! I too am starting WeightNot through Reveal and was looking for some support from someone else doing the program.

    I've actually found a Yahoo group of HCG injection users which has been really helpful. They all however, get their meds shipped over from the UK and do it solo which I don't completely agree with.

    Anyways, I'm excited to get started and really hope we can both go through this journey together!! :-)

  2. Sorry, I just read your post! Yay! We can go through this together! Be sure to check back, we can compare experiences!

  3. Hey Nicole,

    My name is Nicole too.. :o) I pick up my kit next Friday! I'm so ready to get started. If you have any bits of advice, please feel free to share them with me at

    Thanks so much,

  4. hey nicole, i am really considering doing this. is it worth the price? i know i can stick to the diet, etc. it's just hard being sure about the cost before you get started. your advice would be great.

  5. I ams seriously looking into this, but I would love to see how you all are doing first.

  6. @Jennifer: I am doing great! I actually have stayed the same since I finished the program. If you go to my later posts I explain it all there. My review of the program is Ear Bleeds, Nose Bleeds, A Rock, & A Review. Then the next post thereafter (or at least it is close to the next) is how I am doing months later. There is links to both posts in my New Year 2011 post thanks for asking!

  7. Hi Nicole,

    I am thinking about doing the program and in one of your blogs you had said I could get a discount if I used your name as a referral. My budget is tight so I was hoping you would be okay with me doing that. Can you give me your full name? All I see here in the blogs is Queen Nicole. Is that enough or do I need a first and last name as a referral? Thanks for you help!


  8. @Sarah I am not sure if they are still doing this but it doesn't hurt to try it right?! You can send me a message on my youtube account & I will be happy to supply you with this information.