I am a 20 something, fun, freckled-face mom who semi-resembles Punky Brewster (remember her?). I live in the outskirts of D.C. (MD) & make it a goal to revolutionize something about my life each year. I love anything that has to do w/health, beauty, & fashion. I regurgitate all of that love here!

My husband & I
I started this blog over 2 years ago for my weight loss journey with the Reveal MedSpa's WeightNot Program. I am happy to report that I have kept the weight off.  So it was a program for me to do (notice I said for me to do, it is an investment and not for everyone).  Go here for the first review and then here for the  (2 year) follow up.

I found that I loved blogging and decided to continue blogging about the other things I love in my life...makeup, fashion, crafting, and everything in between!

I have a daughter from my first marriage, she is known as Bird or Birdy, which is a nickname she has had for a while now. I remarried in 2009 and inherited another daughter {Faith} and they both live with us full time.  I have lived in only two states but I often travel to the New England areas and down to Florida.  By far New England (mostly Maine) is my favorite place to visit!

Bird & I


We currently reside in the beautiful state of Maryland with our two dogs (i.e. our quasi sons).

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