Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday - For Your Brown Eyes!

Today's tutorial is featuring my baby sister, who is gorgeous (in my opinion), but suffers from major redness on her cheeks, and doesn't really like to do her makeup as much as I do. Here is her before:

For Her Skin
  1. I prepped her skin with my Ulta Matte Primer
  2. With my Cover Girl Green Corrector Stick I covered her cheeks and other redness prone areas.  The green correcter stick counteracts with the redness so that it hides it underneath the foundation.
  3. Using a {wet} makeup sponge, I patted  (not smeared) her face with Maybelline FitMe Foundation in 240 
  4. Using a loose translucent powder, and a big powder brush, I lightly covered her face to set the liquid foundation

For Her Eyes
  1. I prepped her eyes with Urban Decay's Primer Potion
  2. Using my flat eyeshadow brush I dabbed UD's Bordello in the corners of each eye and bring it 1/3 of the way towards the outer corner of her eye on her lash line
  3. Using my eyeshadow brush I pressed UD's Kush in the middle of her eyes and on the middle bottom of her lash line (so that it mirrors the top)
  4. Using my round {pencil} crease brush I swirled UD's Rockstar in the outer corner of her eyes and working my way in to the crease of her lid. 
  5. Using my fluffy crease brush I continued to blend Rockstar to fade the color all the way to the brow bone
  6. Using my angled blender brush I brushed UD's Bordello to blend all the colors to prevent any harsh lines
  7. Using my MAC Eye Kohl liner in Smolder I lined her upper & lower lash lines
  8. Using my Marbella Permanent Eyeliner pen in Black I lined her upper lid with wings on each end
  9. I topped her off with two applications of blinc mascara in Black

Finishing the Face
  • I used Mary Kay creme blush in Sheer Bliss and Mark powder blush in Charmed
  • I lined her lips with Mac lip pencil in Spice
  • I topped her lips off with Mac lipstick and lipglass in Viva Glam V
  • Contoured with E.L.F. bronzer in Warm Tan
  • Highlighted with Benefit High Beam
Thank you to my awesome sister for letting me play makeover!!

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