Monday, September 24, 2012

Motivational Monday - Look At Me!

Another Monday is upon us so it is time to be motivated!  Something happened to me last week that made me think about people in general.  Let me give you a little of the story:  A woman {a person who I don't know}, who was extremely pissed at something {I guess it was at me, or my car...not sure which one...maybe both}, threw a cup of ice at my vehicle.  Yes, ICE!  She was also screaming something at me but my window was up and I couldn't hear her through the shock and anger that vibrated through my body!

At first I wanted to follow her and beat the $*#% out of her, but I looked at the clock and realized I didn't want to be late for work.  But, it upset me...the whole freakin' day!  I was mad!  Then I saw this quote:

You must look into people as well as at them. --Lord Chesterfield

The woman and I are both guilty of just looking at each other, not into each other.  I know this is not to be taken literally...but I looked at her as an angry, misfit, trashy @*#&, POS girl who threw ice at my car.  She probably looked at me as a stupid @(&$^ who wouldn't move my car (just know I couldn't go anywhere, which is why I didn't move....she was impatient).  After reading this quote I realized, she must have been late for something important, very upset about something else, etc.  Bottom line, there must have been some underlying cause to her reaction.  At the time I was upset and didn't look into her and her actions but rather let myself get worked up and pissed off at the fact that she committed a crime (in MD at least it is).

Had the woman looked into me she may not had gotten upset.  A co-worker was behind me and witnessed the whole incident.  Apparently, the woman was trying to get my attention for a while and must of thought I was ignoring her, but I am hard of hearing and on days where my Meniere’s disease is truly bothering me (which it was that day), it is hard to hear without looking right at the subject (plus my radio station was on and she didn't use her horn.....)

This week I want to motivate you to look into people you encounter, as well as, at them.  It is amazing how much calmer you feel!

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