Friday, January 4, 2013

Hello 2013! Goodbye 2012!

While I realize it is now January 4th, and everyone else has posted their goodbye's to 2012 by now, I wanted to wait until after my latest dr.'s appointment before I fill you in on how I have been doing lately.  It's pretty crappy, the supposed Infectious Disease doctors I have seen are "Specialists." In my opinion that term must be used loosely in the medical world b/c it was another strikeout with this 2nd opinion.  Here's my rationale as to why both my PRIMARY doctor and myself believe I need more antibiotics:

April 2012: The Lyme's was found and 5 strands were present in the blood work.  I did 4 weeks of doxycycline.

October 2012: More blood work was done b/c I wasn't feeling "better" and 3 of the 5 strands were still present in the blood work. So I was put on amoxicillin for another 4 weeks.

November 2012: Blood work was ordered again to see how the amoxi did....guess what!?!?!  2 of the remaining 3 strands were present still.  My primary decided at that time it was time to see a specialist for more antibiotics...intravenously.

Ovb. the antibiotics are working, just slowly and perhaps I need to be on them a little bit longer....I feel like I am SOOOOO close but just not there yet.  It is very frustrating and I wanted to scream when I left the dr.'s office yesterday! Not only b/c of the fact that she offered no solution to my suffering but also b/c all the info she had given to me could have been done over the phone AND she was also over 30 minutes freakin' late to my appt!!!!! (See annoyed pic below that was posted to instagram while I was waiting!)

See! I was really annoyed, but my lipstick was pretty!

Her advice was to go back to the neurologist and GI doc since I also have some GI issues as well and start poking around again...YAY...I am just exhausted...

With that said, I am welcoming 2013 and making it my year.  Remember how I REVOLUTIONIZE my life each year?!? Well this year it's a little easier to decide what it will be.  This is my year to rid myself of this horrible disease that has made me more sick than I could have ever imagined.  My year to accomplish changes around my house that I wasn't able to do last year due to this illness. And, lastly, my year to Kick Ass with this blog that I LOVE so much but have been neglecting!

So here's what I got for you:  Stay tuned for posts on my outfits for the day, nails of the week, winter trends I love especially when living in MD when one day can be 60's and the very next be 20's (layers are our favorite thing out here) and many more post.  I have even been dabbling with the thought of doing video makeup tutorials again!

I would also love to start a link up each week and month.  I mentioned previously how I thought my Fashion Friday posts could be a link up and I am currently figuring out how I want to incorporate that.  Stay tuned for more details on those link ups.

I also want to bring back Sunday Spotlight, only it's going to be a little different this time around. More details to come on that was well.

I miss being on here more than you all know!  But I am putting this disease behind me at this point and pressing forward as if it doesn't exist.

Here is to Revolutionizing 2013! 

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