Friday, August 10, 2012

High Five For Friday!

It is finally Friday Y'ALL!! Thank goodness for that!  Here's another link up with Lauren @ From My Grey Desk!

1. Back to my old stomping ground I go! Back in the day I coached gymnastics and so I took my daughter with me for a private lesson with one of her dance mates!  During a quick break I was able to catch her on the bars...for only about a second and then she was bouncing off to something else.

2. Sick again! BOO!  Went home sick with a sinus infection Tuesday!  Luckily I had the remote, hot tea, my Kindle Fire, and my newest Lucky Magazine to keep me company.

3. OH YEAH BABY! I have been waiting for this day since the schedule came out.  Die hard REDSKINS fan right here!!  RGIII is going to make us proud I just know it! (update: psdotcom...we totally WON!)

4.  Cheer season has officially begun!  Thanks to Alyssa for letting me use her hair bow as a picture for what I am excited to High Five for!!  We are hoping to kick ass and win at the end of the season competition! Wish us luck!

5.  Although I am excited for cheer season to begin, practices can get in the way of some other important [ahem] the Redskins game.  I am convinced that the Cheer Gods live in that cloud there!  Due to some storms with major lightning practice was cancelled.  I know I wasn't the only coach who was happy to have practice cancelled!

How was your week?!?  


  1. How fun!! Good luck with Cheer this year!!

    Stopping by from the #H54F Link Up!


    1. Thanks! I am super excited we've got a great group of girls!