Wednesday, March 10, 2010

WeightNOT! is Here

Finally the day has come to start the Reveal WeightNot diet!  I met with the doctor and WeightNot coordinator yesterday and everything was great that I could start today.  Here is the details!

It is a 45 day program where 40 of the days I give mysef HCG injections and 38 of the days on a low-cal diet.  How low-cal you may ask?  Try 500 calories out for size!!! AHH! I know, I about fell over too, however, the HCG injections help off set the calories.  There is absolutely no working out and a very strict diet!  VERY STRICT diet! Once I start that, I will give you more details.  Anyway, at least for the day one and two of the injections you get to pig out like it's 1999!  Oh yeah!  I have eaten everything I possibly could today and now I feel gross.  However, the purpose of this is to prepare your body for the low-cal diet.  It takes a couple of days for the body to register the HCG, so my body will be able to store food for a while until I get use to eating next to nothing!

Each day my goal is to reveal a little more about the program so that I give you every bit of information they have given me.  I got a huge kit that included syringes, a drop box for the syringes, the HCG perscription medicine, a food scale, a tape measure, supplements, and teas!  Also, a book prepare just for me! YAY!

So here is my current standings:

Height: 5'1"
Weight: 165.4 (whoa! I know!)

What is normal for my height and ages is between 120-130 lbs. and that is my goal.  Each day I will blog about my experience and every Sunday I will post a VLOG for an official weigh in.  You will get to see the scale numbers go down and everything! So subscribe! 

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  1. I did not know you were doing this! I need to do something, but I don't know if I can do the injecting thing!

  2. Hi Tess, it's expensive. I got a discount that they were running and am not sure if they are still running. However; I paid a little over $1,000. Keep checking in and I will let you know if it is worth it.

  3. Good stuff. Thank you so so much for sharing your knowledge with the world through the Internet. Wonderful blog and post you got here
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  4. Thank you for the info about WeightNot, question about the they charge a credit card monthly fee or is it upfront full payment? any money back if not satisfied? Strongly considering it to get that jump start, but I do have about 50lbs to loose. Thank you for your info and support