Thursday, February 28, 2013

[Laser] Tag! You're It!

As most of you remember, it was Bird's 8th birthday on the 17th.  This past weekend we had her party with her friends.  She decided to do a Laser Tag party at the local Shadowland.  She has never done laser tag and has been dying to try it out and her birthday was the perfect time to go!

The only problem is how the heck was I going to manage to do a Laser Tag Party theme for a girl?!?  Everything under the sun seemed to be geared towards boys!  I finally decided to just figure out the cards for now and then work my way figuring out ideas!

I searched Vista Print and found these awesome invitations! Even better, they were purple, pink, & blue!  Very Girly!!

Even better, they had a matching envelope and thank you cards, AND these cool stickers

Once I had these, I new what the party favors were going to be: Pink, Purple, & Blue! is the best site to find hundreds of random items, let me just tell you!

I found the purple gable boxes, pink & blue swirl pops, the cupcake liners & stand, the fun shutter glasses, & the glow in the dark bracelets and rings. 

The idea was to use the glow in the dark items b/c they were playing in the dark & then add the cool glasses for fun & use the pink, purple, and blue theme!

I decided to add an individualized cupcake for each one of the party boxes using the cupcake liners and a plastic party bag. (Last year, they each got a giant cookie).  These types of favor boxes seem to be a bigger hit than all those crap filled ones I used to do. Plus, they are easier to put together!

In my opinion, cupcakes are so much easier than cake for birthday parties.  This is the second year, I decided to make our own cupcakes instead of buying a store bought cake.  Bird requested Red Velvet, so of course I obliged, and then made chocolate and yellow cake as well.  Since it's hard to do a "theme" with cupcakes I just dyed the frosting (cream cheese for the red velvet and vanilla for the others).  
All-in-all it was a success and the kids loved every moment of it!  Bird had a blast (even though she was quite scared at first)!

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