Monday, August 20, 2012

Beauty Box Swap!

I have a special post of you all today {excuse the non-Motivational Monday Post}!  I participated in the Beauty Box Swap this past month hosted by the lovely Tiffany @ Blabbering Thoughts, Megan @ Absolute Mommy, & Andrea @ Shabby Kitteh,  So what is the Beauty Box Swap you ask?  Well, it is sort of like Birchbox or My Glam Bag but instead we are the ones putting together the goodies and sending them out.  Genius idea!  I decided to join in the fun!

I was lucky enough to receive goodies from the beautiful Heather @ Keeping up with the Giffords!  My first thought when I received the package is "What the heck, I don't remember having any family with the last name Giffords from {Anon. city in MA}?" Here's a little back story:  Remember earlier posts about my vacation when I said I went to Massachusetts?  Well, I was right outside of her city.  Actually, I have lots of family in her city and Fall River.  There is a ton of us loud, vibrant, and beautiful Portuguese people over there! haha!  Small world right?!

Then I remembered about the swap and realized that is what it was! I couldn't wait to rip this baby open!

And my goodness, this is even better than a Birchbox! Probably because it is full of things I love!

Heather gave me all types of goodies that a girl deserves!  2 AWESOME nail polishes, 2 BEAUTIFUL lip glosses, an E.L.F. all over color stick, a leopard print nail file & tweezers, and lastly my favorite type of gum!  How did you know?! You must be psychic!

I am most excited to try the E.L.F. All Over Color Stick and the Yes to Carrots C Me Shine lip gloss.  I have never tried either one of these and thing it might just be awesome!!

Thank you to Heather for the awesome Swap Gift.  Don't forget to check her out because now that I know where she lives I consider her family.  And we all support family right! =)

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  1. I actually have the Elf all over Stick...very pretty. I am so thrilled you enjoyed the swap.

    Andee Beauty Box Co-Host