Friday, July 20, 2012

High Five For Friday!

Finally another weekend is upon us! Mine was SO fun!! Here's another H54F link up with Lauren!

1. Went to my hometown for their Damascus Days celebration! Watched the parade and some fireworks at the end of the night!  Also got to hang out with some family!  Ahh the simple country life!

2.  This is Mindy Miller. This is Mindy Miller's album on iTunes.  Go listen. She is a phenomenal musician. That is all.

3.  A beautiful butterfly can make the worst days the most joyful.  This little insect was busily working through all the gorgeous flowers in my parents front garden!  Beautiful!

4.  My creative outlet has arrived.  Short story: I requested for my upcoming birthday a new sewing machine.  What was suppose to be a surprise from my husband was ruined by the fact that he ordered from my amazon acct.  They sent me an email confirming the purchase.... haha! I cannot wait to start my sewing projects!  However, he is making me wait to open it! BOO!

5.  My Betsey Johnson sunnies FINALLY came in (I ordered them almost a month ago).  I love them!

How was your week?  Check out other High Five posts over at From my Grey Desk too!  They are wonderful!



  1. I love the sun glasses, really beautiful.

  2. Fun sunnies. They will make any day better! Also love the gorgeous shot of the butterfly. Popping over From My Grey Desk. Have a lovely weekend!

  3. a single photo of nature makes a day better. :)

    jen @