Thursday, July 19, 2012

Birchbox: Why I can't just let it go

Some of you may remember me posting about my new love: My Glam Bag over my Birchbox subscription {need a refresher? click here}.  I still haven't cancelled my membership because every month I think the following month will be better, when it's not I am disappointed.  But....I am still compelled to continue my subscription in hopes that it will awesome!  Well Birchbox....your lucky I held out (although I am a little pissed b/c it looks like others get better boxes than I do...I have been your customer for one & half years!).  I love July's box and am willing to stay on one more month.  You, Birchbox, have bought yourself some time! =)  Here is the reveal of July's Birchbox and the number one reason why I am holding out one more month!

July's box is all about feeding the five senses - Smell it, Touch it, Taste it, Hear it, & See it.

Smell it 
Oscar de la Renta's live in love eau de parfum - Full size $25-78 - You all know how I feel about over it! I don't think I will ever have to buy another perfume as long as I continue with Sephora & Birchbox.  It smells lovely, but is very strong. A dab is seriously all you need.

Hear it
Earbuds - Yeah they are cool and there is always a need for an extra pair around the house.  But the feel super cheap and hard!  I don't know if I would want them chillin' in my ears for long periods of time!  I guess I'm willing to try them!

See it
Manna Kadar Sheer Glo shimmer lotion - Full size $29 - I'm partial to my Benefit High Beam but I'm willing to give this a try.  They say you can mix it up with your foundation or just use it as a highlighter...I'm game for tryin' it out!  I'll let you all know! =)

Touch it 
Fresh Soy face cleanser - Full size $38 - I'm always in need of a good facial cleanser; especially one that is made with natural ingredients rather than those horrible additives!  I'll let you know how well this works out!

Taste it
I'm assuming my "taste it" is the Laura Geller Double Dipped Lipstick in Caribbean Kiss - Full size $17.50. OMG! Although it doesn't "taste" like anything this is absolutely fabulous!!!  Check out the two different shades in one lipstick!! UGH! I am in heaven! One side of the stick is a lustrous shimmery pink and the other side is a gorgeous shimmery golden pinky shade! Ahhh! I love this and it is the numero uno reason why I am holding out one more month!

Do you subscribe?  If so, what did you get?  Leave your link if you blogged about it too!  July glam bag will be up Saturday! =)

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