Friday, July 13, 2012

Fashion Friday - Let's Talk about Hair Baby!

Happy Fashion Friday revolutioniers!  This week I want to talk about Hair.  You know that thing that has good and bad days and can make or break how we feel about ourselves on those good and bad days!  It comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and textures and no matter what we always want to change it {well most of us anyway}! I have recently made it back to my roots.  Can you believe I'm not a natural born blonde? I know, I know, I had everyone fooled for the long time years I was a blonde momshell! ;) haha! j/k

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Actually I am dark brown, wavy haired chick who constantly changes what I do to my hair....forgive me, I get bored.  Actually, I just made an appointment to add red to the underneath portion...yes, I am jumping on the band wagon.  Truthfully, I would love to dye my entire mane red {see Ariana Grande photo} but work may have a cow!  I could totally pull it off right?! {UPDATE: I dyed my hair partially Ariana Red see this Tutorial Tuesday post to see how I did it}

Recently Refinery29 posted 7 hair trends you must try before you die. {sidebar: do you follow them or check out the website??? if not you must b/c they are freakin' awesome!!} I myself have tried 6 out of the 7.

Here's the list:
  1. Bangs - Check
  2. Bob - Yup
  3. Red - Going to
  4. Pixie - Very, very close....never doing that again!
  5. Extensions - Yup
  6. Streaks - Absolutely (work didn't like the fact that I had hot pink hair either!)
  7. Donate - Definitely!
Hair Trends to Try Before You Die
Hair Trends to Try Before You Die by queennicole01 featuring Colette Malouf hair accessories

So tell me, how many of the hair trends have you tried and which one was your "NEVER doing that ever again!" look?

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