Friday, July 13, 2012

High Five For Friday!

Yay! We made it to Friday!! Linkin' up w/Lauren {From My Grey Desk} again for another H54F!!  This week truly has been a blessing and I am SO glad it is the weekend!!

1. Do you see how damn hot it was Saturday @ almost 5 PM?  Yes, we were definitely over the 100 degree mark. I believe meterologist clocked {is this correct terminology?} us at 105 degrees at one point.  Ridiculous right?!
2. I had a blast bowling with Bird & my husband!  Birdy won....[*like legit won*]!  I totally choked at the end! I totally had them the entire game!!  I am devastated by this & I have already demanded a rematch!
3. I got to see my man play softball for the first time...EVER! He plays on an adult league with my baby brother.  They take it very with beer and everything!
4. Yes! The Dollar Tree has opened up in my hometown (the next town over from where I live) & this is very exciting!!!  I guess only small town people understand the huge excitement of this!
Photobucket5. I received a new twitter follower this week. I always checkout my new followers...this one in particular (@joshingsternwas an author. So I downloaded his book and so far I love it!  It is rude, crude, and a true story!  If you are sensitive to offensive language than this book may not be for you but I love his sense of humor and sarcastic personality...definitely my kind of people; especially since the make your life SO much more funny!  
How was your week??? I wanna know!! Don't forget to check out the other links found in the link up too!  It's fun!

P.S. are you following me on twitter???? You totally should!  ;)


  1. Yeah, we have the same crazy weather here too.

  2. wow. i got interested with purchasing the same book. i love hilariously real books that has some substance coated with funny puns (and the occasional swearing).
    found you in h54f and is following you via GFC now. :)

    jen @

    1. It's actually pretty good! He is very clever in his retelling of his mishaps. Perhaps the best part is that he calls his ex a "She Bitch!" I find that utterly awesome!