Friday, March 16, 2012

Fashion Friday - Spring Forward!

Happy Friday Revolutioniers!

I am so happy it's Friday you have no idea! What a jam packed week I had and the weekend is full of more!!  I have so much homework, housework, and just things to do in general and I have no idea how I will get it done!  Perserverance and motivation and I am sure I will achieve great things!  I am sure of it!!

So here in the DMV it has been so beautiful. My eyes haven't been as appreciative as I have been of this gorgeous weather with all the pollen whipping through the air. But nonetheless it is so pretty, yesterday temperatures rose to the 80's. Yeah, the 80's! Isn't that AWESOME!  This beautiful weather reminded me how much I long for the things that come with warmer weather, i.e. beautiful colors!!

This week I decided to put together another fashion template using another tee from LBDM.  In case you weren't aware, I won the blog challenge. That's right I won!! WOOHOO!!  I received my tee that I won from the contest last night and actually dressed it up a bit to wear it to work today.  Here is another tee that I loved from her Spring 2012 collection that I almost dressed up!  Please go pay her a visit! You'll love the simplicity but fun fashion she has on her website.  Oh & here is the blog post where she announced it! AND THE WINNER IS...

Fashion Friday! It is SPRING!

I am so in love with the Rebecca Minkoff outwear and the Marc by Marc Jacobs tote. Ok, Ok, I love pink and black together with some splashes of yellow.  Doesn't this just scream Spring?!

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