Thursday, June 14, 2012

Let's be honest....

So, I let myself slip with the whole blogging thing lately.  But I have to be brutally honest with everyone, I have a really good excuse at least for me anyway.  I have been fighting an unexplained illness for the past almost two years.  I have seen doctor after doctor and not one of them were every really able to pin point what was wrong with me.  They finally chocked it up to it being "in my head."  Yep, anxiety. Although I didn't feel as though this was the true reason why I was always sick; they had to be right, right?  They are doctor's for gosh-sake and I am a part-time blogger, full time mommy, and many other jobs among everything else what do I know?!?

Well, weeks ago (about the time I feel off the blogosphere AGAIN) I started to loose feeling in the right side of my body.  Well, it happened a lot to my legs all the time and I never really knew why but, I was sick of seeing doctor's because quite frankly I didn't want to hear about me being crazy again.  Loosing feeling in my arms and hands, though, that is a different story!  It really scared me and I was determine to fight my primary doc if she told me it was in my head again.

Let the testing begin....the PAC that I saw at my doctor's office (who I have a new love for! She is almost better than my doctor!) sent me to a Neurologist to have him get to the bottom of the "Skin Sensation Disturbance" I was having.....There I had to have an EMG done....this is how they start testing for MS. was awful and so very painful!  He also ordered a lot more blood tests as he said he was not "giving up" on those just yet.

For almost two years I have had headaches, horrible vision changes, dizziness, hearing loss, shortness of breath, the shakes, tiredness (sometimes I fall asleep at 7 PM!, digestive issues, muscle loss, stiffness and pain in my joints, increased anxiety, and now the numbness/tingling of my right extremities.  Could it be MS?  NOPE!  Not MS! [enter a sigh of relief!]

LYMES!  My neurologist thinks that I have had lymes this entire time and it what has caused me to be so ill....mind you I had pneumonia in the fall.....I used to be a generally healthy individual and then all of a sudden I have become so ill ALL THE TIME!  Well, it's because this stupid disease has been slowly attacking my nervous system.  What kills me is not one doctor I ever saw thought to test me for this awful disease!  Not one.....and I know for a fact b/c I became one of those neurotic patients that Googled every test they decided to do to me to figure out what they were testing for...bad habit I know.

Anyway, I am now under treatment (almost done) and I have my good days and bad days.  I really want to get blogging again. As many of you have asked about WeightNot and wanted and believe it or not I have some fashion and make up fans who want to see more (who knew right? I thought I was the only one ever reading this thing!)  I have lots of posts that I have drafted and yet to edit and post that I need to get to, but I need to take my time and rest.

Lesson learned!  Always trust your instinct!  Perfect quote:

I'll be back on the blorse (get it? blog + horse = blorse bahahaha!) soon enough!  Have any of you had lymes?  How did you cope and how long did you suffer before you actually started to feel better?

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