Saturday, July 21, 2012

My Glam Bag: You continue to amaze me!

My Glam Bag continues to amaze me with their awesome deluxe samples and super cute bags!  PSDotCom the bags are reusable and will make the cutest gift holders! #justsayin'  Look at all the lovely samples (least favorite to most favorite) of July's Beach Beauty glam bag.
This bag is seriously so AWESOME!! RIGHT!?!?!?!
So what's inside this pretty little bag? Let's take a look!

1. Yes to Cucumbers On-the-Go facial towelettes.  Okay, so I already started using them and...they suck!  First off it says that it gets rid of the makeup...ummm no it doesn't.  They don't feel nice either. On the plus side the smell SO GOOD!

2. Juice Beauty Green Apple moisturizer. I've received this before in my Birchbox.  I'm always down for a good moisturizer and this is one of them. Plus it has SPF 15! Score!

3. Buxom Big & Healthy lip polish.  Need I say any more?  Any new lip gloss, stick, or liner is awesome.  This picture doesn't really show the correct's more shall we say nudish-pinkish-clear...on my lips at least. See!

4. Andrea's Choice Circus nail color in Somersault!  Wha?!?! This awesome yellow color & it is a full size. Can you tell how big that sucker is?

5. NuMe HydroPunch hydrating conditioner.  I still haven't ordered my $100 in free products from NuMe {previous my glam perk!}, but I will soon! I can't wait to try this conditioner!

Oh yeah, and if the products aren't awesome enough, you get a deal on the Pure Remedy products at NuMe and 50% of any products on their website.

Yes Glam Bag! you continue to rock my world!  

Do you subscribe to them? Have you tried any of these products?  What do you think?


  1. when i was in school, i used that same glam bag as my pencil case. it's great for a lot of things :)

    1. It really is! I use most of them when I am traveling to carry little things! =)