Monday, February 13, 2012

Motivational Monday-Patience

Another installment of Motivational Monday is here and remember last week?  If not, read about it here!  My week was horrible, but I waited and my prayers were answered AND good things really do come to those who wait.  Well, turns out our car is still under warranty [thanks to me buying the extended warranty] which is a good thing too b/c they had to replace the entire engine!  In case you're wondering how much something like that costs an average person in the DC Metro Area....UMMM, try $6,000!!!  Our TV is working again, and we haven't caught any more mice (thank the lord, b/c I was having nightmares about those creepy crawly things!).  Things are definitely going my way.  All because I waited. I knew it would come.  That is why this weeks motivation is to remind us all about patience.  **Enter now a quote by George Savile**

"A man who is a master of patience is master of everything else"

So now, I guess you can call me master?!  Not really but, this is true. I will continue to master my patience, who knows, it may extend to my family and we can all be master's of everything in our lives. [chuckle, chuckle, yeah...]  My rough weekend made me really appreciate what I have and put me in to perspective about how I handle things that "surprise" me.  Now, I have another chocked full week of school work, work work, home work, and about a million other things too.  So, this week I am going to practice mastering my new found ability to be patient.  I know I will be able to do it!

Patiently mastering!


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