Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Weight Not Follow Up

I started this blog 2+ years ago to help me on my weight loss journey using the Weight Not program.  I still continue to get many messages asking me about the program so I figured I would do a follow up.

The Weight Not program worked for me...for the most part. I'm not going to lie I fluctuate about 5-7 lbs here or there, but that is mainly because I get lazy and don't work out and am not careful about what I eat.  That said, I haven't really been motivated to because I was so sick {if you missed that post click here}.

Here are the answers to the main questions I get asked all the time:
  1. Is it expensive? Yes, it is very expensive.
  2. How much is it? They were running a special around the time that I did it.  I can't remember the exact price, but I know that it was clear over $1,000...I did it through Reveal MedSpa who is now Medalase...
  3. Was it worth it? Yes, and no.  Yes, b/c I lost a good chunk of the weight I had be desperately trying to loose for years, but no b/c I think it is ridiculous the amount of money I had to spend to do it.
  4. What does the diet entail?  It was 40+ days of HCG injections and an extremely LOW calorie 500 calories low. <---Which I think was the true key to the diet...not the injections but who am I to judge research...I'm not a scientist by any means.  No working out, nothing but really the same foods just fixed in different ways and that was pretty much it.
  5. Is it hard? Yes, Yes, YES!  It is not for the faint at heart.  In other words, people w/o will power or any type of motivation will fail.  Plain and have to be able to really want this.  I really wanted it and I get embarrassed easily so I refused to fail in front of someone (i.e. my Weight Not representative)
  6. Would I do it again?  Yes, I would....not for $1,000, but I would do it again.  Actually I toyed with the idea for a little while now only because I want to loose another 10 but who knows what will happen.  I am sure to let you all know though in case I do.
Here is what I looked like then....

And this is what I look like now...
So I still have the belly flab...that has been the most difficult to loose...but that is also what happens with a C-Section! I started the 300 Ultimate Ab & Core Challenge Workout to see if I can flatten it some.  We will see! =)

Any other questions just let me know below or send me another email.

Curious anyone else out there do the program?  How was your results?


  1. Hi Nicole,

    Contemplating on getting on the WeightNot program. I need to lose 50 lbs. I sat and talked to a representative for an hour one night and he has me almost convinced to do it. Just looking at the money side of things - is it really worth the money and yes, I is VERY important for me to lose these pounds!!! Love to hear from you.



    1. Denise: If you are strong enough to handle it then do it, any money is worth it to be healthy. But if you know you are not strong-willed, then don't. Only you know whether or not you will be able to make the commitment. For me, it was the fact that I spent that kind of money on something and I had someone watching over me. I have issues with "failure" which makes me determined to finish my accomplishments! Good luck and I would love to hear if you choose to do so!

  2. My name is Bre & how are you? I couldn't find your email. Could you please email me at I have a few question before I spend this money joining weight not. Thank you! Happy New Year.