Friday, February 24, 2012

Fashion Friday - MAXImum

For a while now I have been dying to get my hands on a Maxi skirt (a loose fitted, to the floor, flowing skirt...who wouldn't love them right?!) but I have been hesitant to purchase b/c well, I have 5'1" and either they are too long and I look like I am being swallowed GINORMOUS amounts of fabric (even worse if it is animal print...then I look like I am being swallowed by an HUGE animal) or the print is too outrageous...even for me (which is hard b/c I love prints!).  Then I find ones I like and then I look at the price tag. OK, I am NOT going to spend over $50 for a maxi skirt that may or may not be able to be used for numerous season.  Then I was out shopping at the GLAMOROUS Wal-Mart with my girlfriend (you know who you are...thank you for the wonderful laugh! my abs appreciated it!) to just shop around for less expensive clothes.  Albeit to my surprise Wal-Mart is coming along with there clothing selection. L.E.I. was like the coolest brand when I was a teen and you couldn't find it at a Wal-Mart back then. You had to go to HECT's (who remembers that place??, haha)
This one from Nic + Zoe will set you back $142! But it is so gorgeous!

Anyway, I digress, back to the Maxi Skirt! Well I found one and it was gorgeous and light weight and inexpensive. A whooping $14! That's right $14! I couldn't believe it. It was super cute and inexpensive and I could wear it this fall too if I wanted to.  

So, of course I purchased the lovely skirt but the girlfriend (mentioned above) and I also discussed the fact that she also doesn't buy them b/c of her height...she is tall (not gigantore tall, but tall enough nonetheless...hey I am so short everyone is pretty much a giant next to me).  So then that got me thinking, and made me decide to post about maxi-skirts.  The models down the runway are as tall, if not taller then my friend, and yet their skirts ALWAYS flow to the floor.  So here is a little message to the designers of the free feeling maxi skirt:
This Rachel Zoe $642! Oh but I love it  so!

Dear Designers: 

Your models are tall, and most women are at least 5'5"-5'7" why do you design your clothes for your models one way and then completely change them up for us people that are going to actually buy your clothes?  Please start making all your clothes, like you do for jeans, Short, Regular, & Tall.  Then we all can be happy! =)



Oh wouldn't that be the life...everything sized just like jeans!  One can hope right?

Anyway, here is to a comfy evening freely flowing to the MAXImum!


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  1. Sweet blog! I understand your letter since I am only 5'2" i height and sometimes, I envy those malnourished models for having such great body and height. I don't know the reason why designers are trying to make clothes fitted for a 6 footer model while most of the consumer's height is only 5'5"-5'7". But anyway, thank you for sharing this.