Sunday, February 26, 2012

Boxin' Out & Baggin' Up - My Glam Bag

Most of you know that I am a lover of Birchbox and have been subscribed to their sample service for over a year now. I love trying new beauty products but to be quite honest their past couple of months have been BORING! Don't get me wrong I love being exposed to new brands. Actually if it wasn't for them I wouldn't have found Zoya nail polish and Jouer moisturizing tint both of which I am absolutely in love with.  But, I would love to see some of those "big" brand names in there every once in a while.  Ok, ok, what constitutes as a "big brand name" since all of them are considered "big brand names" right?  Well, yes that is true, but I want to see MAC and Urban Decay in there among others.

Anyway, I was twittering one day last month and came across My Glam Bag. First off, I have never heard of them so when I saw the word Glam and the word Bag I was instantly curious.  I love glam and I love bags so I had to check them out.  Basically, they are the same deal as Birchbox. $10/month gets you a bag stuffed with samples.  So, I signed up to try it out and just got my first shipment last week.  OMG, this bag was AWESOME!  Check out the contents:

1. NYX Roll On Glitter - I love NYX they are inexpensive but still great quality. I use these products all the time!! The Roll On Glitter can be applied to the eyes, face, and body!  On top of the full sized sample, they gave you a coupon code for 30% off more shades at NYX's website.  The cost of these are $4.50 with the 30% off the end up being $3.15 which is awesome!

2. Freeman Facial Mask Sachets - Never heard of Freeman but this bag included a easy-to-use skin-perfecting mask.  Haven't had a chance to use it just yet, but it sounds like I will love it.  Mine came in Goji Berry!  Glammies get 16% off when you go to Freeman's website.  The full trio is just $10 for My Glam Bag girls!  WHAT?!  That is so great!

3. X Out Shine Control - If you have skin problems then X Out is suppose to be the best stuff to stay flawless and shine free.  Sounds good to me! My skin has completely changed since having a child. I went from never having acne in high school (ok, ok, the occasional stress bump would arise) to now having anxiety over my skin!  This is an oil-free moisturizer with a mattifying complex and according to X Out's website, it works just like those other home supply acne medicines where you can choose between a 30- or 60-day supply one time or continuing shipment (actually they are the makers of Proactiv).  A continuing ship for a 30-day supply is $19.95 and Glammies receive a free full-size Shine Control with their purchase of their supply!  Not sure if I am going to end up purchasing the supply. My 10% benzyl peroxide works just fine for me.

4. Premier Dead Sea Cinderella Mask - The fact that you are seeing the words "Dead Sea" is enough to already fall in love with this.  I love anything and everything that involves the salts from the Dead Sea and I always feel the most beautiful after I use them.  However, they are so expensive!  Premier's website values the Cinderella Mask at $149.99!  WOW!  I cannot find myself loving this that much that I would spend that kind of money on it at the moment.  Maybe if I fall in to major money I would buy it and use it more often!

5. NuMe $100 Gift Card - Perhaps this is my most favorite part of the glam bag this month!  $100 dollars for me to spend anyway I want at NuMe's website!  They have professional styling tools, hair extensions,  feather extensions, so many things I don't know what to choose from!  I have been wanting hair extensions so I believe that is most likely what I am going to be spending it on.  Birchbox has never given us a gift card like this!  Last month we got a free iTunes download but that is squash compared to this!  How awesome right?!?

So the question is will I continue this subscription service?  Um, Hell Yeah!  This is so freakin' awesome!  I'm not ready to give up Birchbox just yet, but they definitely need to step up their game if they want my business!

Here is My Glam Bag's website if you want to check it out too!

Baggin' in up and Boxin' it out!


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