Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day Three!

So, I am home from work today because of the fun doctors appointments! You know you gotta make sure everything is working correctly (most important for us females). My doctor is so awesome! and a fun fact is that I was his first baby he delivered (a long time ago) and now he is my doctor! Isn't that amazing!

Anyway, after the doctors I decided to shop! I found some really cute Steve Madden shoes and tons of fun costume jewelry that was on clearance. A couple of weeks ago I learned that long necklaces make you look taller, and when your taller looking you tend to look slimmer too. I found that if I can make my eyes believe my body is more like the way I want it to look I will be more motivated to keep my inspiration going.

I have to say that I have been bad this morning. I was in such a rush to get out of the house in enough time to get to the doctors that I didn't eat breakfast. I did however; ate the banana that my daughter forgot to take with her to school. So that's good. But it cannot happen again! Breakfast is so important and coffee just won't do. My plans this afternoon is to get my workout out of the way early. My best friend got the Flirty Girl Fitness video and I am waiting to hear how good it is. I still absolutly love my Turbo Jam and think it is one of the best workout DVD's out there.

Besides the little bump in the breakfast road all is going well. Motivation is still going strong and I am continuing to revolutionize my life!

Here is to a Happy & Health 2010!

Nicole ;o)

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