Thursday, July 26, 2012

Throwing away clothes?

I heard an interesting concept the other day that both intrigued me and made me angry.  In talking with a co-worker, whom just returned from a trip to Italy with her sister, she explained how the extremely "wealthy" women {that she traveled with} pack their bags with clothes that they will throw away once they have worn them once. Yes, you read that right.

Photo Courtesy of  Inmagine
The story she explained to me was when -let's call her "P"- dropped some sauce from her meal on her blouse.  My co-worker informed her of the mishap and "P" replied "Oh it's okay, I am just going to throw it out when I get back to the hotel anyway."  


I couldn't believe that was the answer!  I asked for further clarification and was informed by my co-worker that this is, apparently, a common practice among wealthy women.  When they [these rich women in particular...not trying to stereotype AT ALL!] travel; they pack items that they will wear once and the throw away in order to make room in their suitcase for newly purchased items on the trip!

I searched the internet high and low to see if anyone has ever written or commented about this practice but I haven't found anything.  The first thing I thought is "WTF?!?! You can donate that you idiot! Especially to women in need!!"  Then I thought of my blog and decided to take it here to discuss further.  I am curious if anyone out there practices this or knows of someone who practices this.  Personally, I think it is completely absurd!  But then again I'm not wealthy and I have never lived that maybe I am a little one-sided on this argument.

What do you all think?    


  1. I never throw away clothes, I always donate them, I'm really happy that I have this opportunity, to help some less fortunate than me.

    1. I always donate them too. I can't imagine not doing so. I was really shocked when I found out this is something people practice.

  2. I have never heard of this...and I have a hard time believing it's accurate. I have heard of people wearing old clothes, throwing them away and wearing their new ones home when cross border shopping...I've also heard that charities place their clothing bins in these locations.

    In any case, I'm always a fan of giving clothes to charities...there are many people who need them!

    1. Oh yes, this is accurate for the particular individuals I was referring too. I'm not sure if this is common among many wealthy women but it is common among these ones in particular. It's crazy in my opinion.