Thursday, April 11, 2013

Take a Tour of My Resort!

So as you may remember, I was at a Dance Competition in Maryland this past weekend which just so happened to be 10 minutes from the Chesapeake.  We went last year and stayed at the Chesapeake Beach Resort and Spa and was so in love that we were stoked that we were staying there again!  If you ever get a chance to visit this little town this is a must stay resort.  Although the pool isn't massive and the beds aren't the most comfortable the scenery is FABULOUS and there is a bar right next door.  There is also a dock for fishing among many other awesome activities.
The fountain in front of the Resort

The Gazebo

The waterfall on the side of the restaurant (next to the entrance of the resort)

The Pier (This picture was taken at 4 PM)

Lot's of Ducks in the Morning!

A Couple taking a stroll down the pier
So I am an idiot and didn't take any picks of the inside but their website has wonderful pics to give you a good idea.  I actually wish I new about this place years ago. I totally would have done my wedding here!

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