Tuesday, March 6, 2012

LBDM Spring 2012 X Nicole's Revolution

Good morning Revolutioniers!

As most of you have noticed I have now joined the CapFABB group! What is the CapFABB group you may ask?  Well, it is a group of Capital Area Fashion & Beauty Bloggers.  In other words we are representin' the DMV (District, Maryland, and Virginia).  I just joined last week and am so excited to learn that there are so many wonderful bloggers, artists, and fashion designers here in the DMV.  Who knew right?  Almost everyone thinks we are all business around here!  Well, we are but we do it in style!  It's not only suits and blazers!

I am so excited to be a part of this group too b/c I would have never of known about Little by Darin Michelle.  She posted a message Challenging CapFABBers to take one piece of her Spring 2012 collection and style the pieces.  Well not only did I take on the challenge, but I also became hooked on her designs! I love it!  They are simple and personal!  When you get time you MUST check her pieces out!  It probably helps that she has some pretty good lookin' models wearing them too.

Darin Michelle Home Sweet Home

I chose her "Home Sweet Home" tee for my Springspriation b/c I am from Maryland and b/c I love it so much.  The weather here has been so back and forth lately I decided to create a style that makes me truly think of Spring and travel!

Oh and one last thing Revolutioniers!  I made this using polyvore.com.  If you have never used this before it is AWESOME!  So go check it out!  You can put together all types of items before you buy them!

Items In the Set (in addition to the awesome HSH tee):

Black Boyfriend Blazer - $130

Capistrano Short Shorts - $20

H&M Shoes - $13

Rebecca Minkoff 'Striped Di Canvas Tote - $195

Assad Mounser Shiprock Gold Plated Bangles - $300

Retro Rosie Earrings - $9.99

2etnic-TC Beaded Earrings - $44

Ray-Ban Sunglasses - $150

Seagrass Trillby Straw Hat - $36

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