Saturday, January 28, 2012

A new year, A new me!

So, I basically when MIA for the past year. There has been quite a bit that has gone on that I really haven't been able to keep up with everything.  For starters, as many of you were aware, I am in graduate school and I am happy to report that I have officially started my 12 week count down.  In 12 weeks I can officially say I am done with school and I will hold a Master's of Management.  Yay me!! It has been so hard to keep up with a family, work, grad school, and everything else in between let alone a blog and YT channel!

My daughter has been asked to join a dance team! Yay her! Which has also taken up some of our time. Pictures soon to come! And I have a ongoing bout with pneumonia that has continued to kick my ass!  I am convinced my constant illness has something to do with the new building my company has recently moved us into!  They used to dissect and study dead bodies in here! Gross right?!?!

Oh yeah! I am back to my natural hair color...Dark Brown...and I am growing it out! Hooray for it being to my shoulders.  Ok, Ok, I couldn't just do the completely dark brown look right off the bat. I put some "peek-a-boo" highlights underneath to soften to look considering I have been practically blonde for years!  Next appointment though, I am ditchin' the blonde and opting for red (I think)!

Anyway, I wanted to post because I am ready to get moving on this blog again. I really did enjoy this and my YT channel.  It was my gateway from reality and escaping my life for an hour or two a day!

So here is the plan, I will continue to revolutionize the way I run my life just as I did for the past two years (P.S. I am out of debt...with the exception of school, so yes I did what I needed to do for last years revolution...can I get another YAY ME!).  This blog will still focus on health, weight loss, fashion, beauty, and all the other girly stuff.  But it will also include my new revolution for the year!  That post is to be coming soon!  I am truly excited about it.

YouTube will still remain on hiatus. I really dislike all the haters out there and I hate having to monitor all the stinkin' comments they make.  So, blog readers encourage your friends to come here. If you are here from my YT channel, stick around, there will be more tutorials and fun videos on here than on YT.

I have lots of ideas...I just need to put them into action! Let me know what else you want to read about too!

Missing blogging & to future blogdeavers!


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