Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I Am Missing

Yes, I am missing....missing everything from chores at home, to days at work, to posting to this blog.  I love this outlet that I have but I have temporarily gone MIA.  Here's the thing. I am sick again.  Unexplained illness threatens thus leaving me depressed, bored, tired, annoyed, and most of all uninspired.

I have finally gone back to the doctor's where they have ordered more tests to see if my Lyme's never went completely away.  To tell you the truth I felt really good during and for a short while after my treatment.  However, for the past two months I have been pushing away the debilitating stomach cramps and aching, the excruciating pain in my joints, the headaches, and fatigue (among many other issues). But the ignoring has finally come to an end and truthfully, I cannot live the rest of my life like this.  It is unbearable at times and has caused me to miss work, chores, this blog and has me exhausted all the time!

I refuse to give up.  I love this creative outlet for me to express my favorite things!  So here's the plan I am going to post when I feel good. I'm not going to stick to any plan until I start feeling better.

I will be back soon, in full force, I just know it. Until then, please bare with me as I focus on getting better and {writing a novel}<---I'll tell you about it later ;)

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