Friday, June 22, 2012

Fashion Friday - A Beachy Confession

It's time for Fashion Friday yet again.  This week the D.C. area (and pretty much everyone below Canada) has hit a HUGE heat wave!  When I say huge I mean HUGE!  99 degrees...and it isn't even JULY people!  Yesterday temperatures raised to a hundred degrees but.... felt more like 106-110 because of the horrible humidity!!!  Dumb D.C. area!  I love you but why must you be so stinkin' humid! [Thank goodness I am traveling to Maine again this summer for a little relief!]

This weather makes me long for the beach.  Dropping my toes in the water and soaking up some much needed sun to give my wintery skin a nice healthy glow (yes, I am aware there is some slight controversy over the sun but I am responsible and only spend time in the sun outside of the danger hours; 10-2).  I just love removing the sand from every crevice my tote bag and cooler!  So annoying!

I have, however, a confession to admit: (*Singing Usher's Confession song as I type...Old Skool BABY!*)

Although I love the beach, I rarely EVER get to go.  And I am never quite comfortable in a bathing suit since, well ever!  It's gotten worse since I had a baby!  Bikini's are a definite "NO GO!"  I haven't worn one since my belly started to show with my daughter over seven years ago.  Mostly, I usually wear Tankini's but they really feel weird lately and I am tired of feeling weird!  So I have been searching for a bathing suit that will be my "go to" suit for the summer and to my surprise I am falling in love with one piece suits.  This is very strange for me since I kind of always had some sort of bathing suit complex since my mom made me do the swim team as a kid.  [DISCLAIMER: There is nothing wrong with "swim team;" it was just wrong that I was "made" to do it and I hated everything about it including the swimwear!]  I digress...

I am loving that one piece suits are making a fierce comeback.  And they are actually cute, not like those ugly Speedo's!  *SHOCKER*  For Fashion Friday I put together another Polyvore creation of what is not only an adorable suit by Kenneth Cole [***ALERT: ON SALE FOR $50 at MACY'S!!!***] but a typical outfit I would show up to the beach with.  P.S. I LOVE Pink & GREEN!

A Beachy Confession

Kenneth cole swimwear
$50 -

Old navy
$30 -

Qupid flat shoes
$30 -

Straw tote
$35 -

Betsey Johnson BJ 6035M
$60 -

Melissa Odabash hat
$112 -

Are you wearing a one piece this season?  I would love to read about your beach confessions!

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