Sunday, February 6, 2011

Revolution Post - Month One Down

Hey Everyone! Soooooo 1 month down and we are off to a pretty darn good start.  As you can see in the first month we were able to get rid of 6.5% of our debt! WooHoo!  You know what else is awesome....the fact that it is this month and we get to pay off a credit card this month!

So, I have been looking around the net and ran in to this awesome website that is also challenging its readers to go Debt Free in 2011!  Click here to read all about it.   They are already on Week 5 I believe but that is okay.  They offer a couple of worksheets to help everyone become debt free. 

I am going to stick with how I am doing mine right now, because I already started and it seems to be working for us.  However, I found the website had a TON of usuful information.  They are always updating with free deals and coupons and such!!  So, check it out. 

Meanwhile, we are continuing to pay down debts and this month I think we are filing out TAXES which is great, because we are going to pay off 2 items not included in the overall debt... YAY!!

Hope there are some of you out there jumping on the bandwagon with me!

Jacksons & Benjamins Ahoy!

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