Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Revolution Post-Figuring out what I've Got

Ok for the first step of this revolution is to sit down and figure out what I've got to get rid of.

So I have four credit cards totallying a whopping $13,126.23.

I found this awesome website that offers a debt calculator that allows you to figure out how much debt you have and helps you determine the information you need to know about it, like how long it will take to you pay it off, how much interest you will be paying, and how much you need to pay each month to pay it off in a certain time.


So here is where I put in all my credit card information.  The second step is to choose the plan you want to do with the information.  There are 3 options: Minimum Payments, Fixed-Payments, & Debt-Free Deadline.  I will be choosing the Debt-Free Deadline of 1 year 6 months.

Here is what my pie chart comes out to looking like:

If you look on the top of the page, I have replaced my weightloss ticker (from tickerfactory.com) with a new debt-ticker (also from tickerfactory.com).  Each time I pay one of these credit cards I will update the ticker so I can watch how I am progressing towards my goal!

Here is to becoming Debt-Free in 2011 (and part of 2012...hahahaha)!

Greens, Golds, & Benjamins!

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