Monday, October 11, 2010

OMG---BUSY BUSY BUSY---BUT............

I am doing awesome!  I wanted to post a little something to let you all know that I am doing great and still keeping the weight off.  It has been almost six months and I lost a few more that is a very good thing!  So, I have been scrounging around trying to find a picture of myself that from prior to the WeightNot and this is what I have come up with.....UGH I didn't like taking pictures at all when I looked like this..

 So after the WeightNot, this is what I look like now....

(OMG! you can soooo see I have freckles in this)

Yep! Size 6! Thank you very much!

Okay, so horrible pics I know, but I haven't taken any lately (this was our trip to Disney World!)  My little one (in the upper photo with me) wanted me to take a pic like a belly dancer! ahahaha!  The upper pic you can definitly see the difference in my face, and the second pic I wanted to give you all more of a body shot...however, the shirt is a little big, but hopefully you get the picture.  I will try to post more pics, so you guys can see I really do where make up and dress a bit better than this! HA! It was like 90's the entire time we were there, but b/c of the heat index it felt like 105!  Therefore, there was no reason to be wearing makeup!!!
The program works and as long as your remain an active lifestyle you will have no problem keeping the lbs off.  My current workout routine is as follows:

Monday & Wednesday - JazzercizeOMG I was kind of weirded out when my BFF asked me to try it with her, but we are HOOKED! It is so much fun and the one by me has really great instructors!  Shoutout's to ANNE & TARA!  If you have one near you, you should definitely try it!

Tuesday & Thursday - Walk - I either walk outside if it is nice or I walk/jog on my treadmill.  I try to make sure I am getting in at least 2 miles.

Friday's - ZUMBA!  Love It! It doesn't matter if you have a dance background or no coordination!  Everyone can do it!!!  Check it out below!! 

So, now I am started back up with my fall classes, so I will remain busy but...  My goal is to make everyone feel better about themselves.  Look for more posts about Make-Up reviews, coupons/deals, and everything in between for reviews.  I am definitely going to do a video post as well, so you guys can see first hand how well I am doing off the WeightNot Diet!

P.S. So sorry this has taken so long to do!  I have been going crazy with everything else in my life!


  1. Hi! Wow, I was just surfing around on google looking for info on the weightnot program and came across your blog. Good job! I just paid for it today and will hopefully start the whole process soon. How was it for you? The diet was super, super strict??

  2. Hi Jamie! I loved the program it really worked for me. And, yes it was super strict, but I have major discipline and that is why I believe it worked for me. There is a couple people I have heard that it didn't work as well for them. Remember, that even if you loose 10 lbs, your still 10 lbs lighter than you were. Don't get discouraged either and be VERY diligent with the program! Good Luck, and check back I would love to know how you are doing on it!!