Thursday, March 11, 2010

Eat Like a King...

Cuz, this is the last time you'll be eating that way for a while!

Day two of the "loading" phase has been wonderful!  I have eaten every unhealthy, fattening, high-caloric food there is in this world!  And the result....not feeling so hot, tired, and uncomfortable.  However; tomorrow is the begining of a very stressful number of days. 

This afternoon I prepared my menu for the next week and tonight I am prepping my lunch for tomorrow.  I am very sad that I can't do my morning routine of coffee with my yummy Hazelnut creamer!  Instead I will be drinking tea; which I am not fond of!

The injections are going well, except, Note to self-pick a FATTY spot to inject.  Otherwise it hurts like heck!  I am hoping they become a bit faster to do in the AM.  Currently, it takes me 5 minutes of staring at my stomach talking myself in to doing it! Then, I do it and wonder why I sike myself out b/c it doesn't hurt!

Here is to getting through my first day of the low-calorie diet tomorrow!  I will be checking in then!

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