Friday, March 12, 2010

Hungry is a Nasty Word...

That I used all day today....

I was told that I would probably be hungry for the first couple of days, as well as have a headache and maybe moody.  Well, I was hungry and had a headache, but the girls at my office remained extremely positive for my sake. 

In my kit I recieved a binder prepared for me with a bunch of recipes that I decided to try out.  For lunch I had a Chicken Salad, which entails chicken rubed with spices and a cup of lettuce.  I had 1 (that's right one) Melba toast with it and it was very good.  For dinner I had Chicken Italia.  That included chicken with spiced up tomatoes on the top and bottom.  Not so good.  I don't like tomatoes but figured maybe I would like them with all the spices tossed on it.  WRONG! I still don't like them.  I included a yummy orange for my side and my 1 Melba toast.

I am now drinking the slimming tea as part of my detox phase, and again, not trying to sound picky but...I don't like tea.  However; I am going to be a soldier and drink it up.

The hardest part is sitting down with the rest of the fam while they eat what ever they want and I eat this strict food!  My husband is lucky to eat tons of junk and still be rail thin.  My girls are active and they burn off everything they eat too, but I am sure to watch their "junk food intake" as well.

I am staying strong and hopefully will be seeing results very soon. 

I wanted a revolution right?  Here is to truding on!

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