Saturday, April 6, 2013

It's Competition Day!!

Today is the day!
Today is the day that our dancers have been working so hard for all year long! 

It is competition season, their first away competition and they are ready to rock the house!! I, and many other parents, have been busting out tails, offering makeup sessions, creating costumes, and props so that our girls look amazing!

Now before you go thinking I'm Abby Lee Miller or something I will tell you that I am nothing but. In fact, I much prefer to yell and scream for all the kids performing and if it were up to me everyone would get first place! I love dance, I love it's art form and how different each dancer looks when performing.  But most of all I love the little dancers faces showing how much the LOVE being out there!

So today is the day!  It is long and tiring but oh so fun!  Good luck to all the dancers performing out there today, but I am offering a very special shout out to Shining Stars School of Performing Arts, EIGHT COUNT DANCE TEAM!


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  1. Congrats to your dancers! My soloist had her first competition last weekend as well. Hope you all had a great time :)