Wednesday, March 27, 2013

WeightNot Wednesday!

FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The WeightNot has my house. {That was in my Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson voice, just in case you were wondering!}  OMG! It took forever and I was extremely disappointed in the length of time it took to get to my house and the customer service with the organization.  Not a way I wanted to start of this program!

I ordered this back in the beginning of February and then after 2 weeks of not hearing anything I emailed the person who was so desperately wanting my $$$ and to sign up and a week later....I still hadn't heard anything from her. So, I emailed back but this time with a tone that wasn't as pleasant as I had been previously.  That got her.  She finally emailed back the next day saying my package was set to ship on the 13th....well guess what? The 13th came and went and still no package as of the 19th.  It finally shipped out the day after that or so.  Anyway, I wasn't happy about that at all!

Okay on to the good stuff!

The program is WAYYYYY different than when I did it previously.  There are no injections, and while it is a low calorie diet, it's not as low as before.  That is wayyyy more expensive than I remember paying.  I paid a little over $1600 for the 67 day program. That is about a $600+ difference than before.

What is in my Kit?

  • WeightNot Notebook
  • WeightNot Cooler
  • WeightNot NutriScription DetoxiFiber
  • WeightNot NutriScription VitaScription
  • WeightNot NutriScription LiverPrimer
  • BPA Free Water Bottle/Shaker
  • Pedometer
  • Tape Measure
  • Ketone Sticks
  • Digital Food Scale

I started Monday and have already lost 3.4 pounds! So all that complaining is was kind of worth it in the end. It is always great to see a good jump to keep you going.

The first two days however, was this liquid only diet.  In the AM and PM I had to drink 2 scoops of the berry flavored NutriScription fiber supplement and take 3 of the NutriScription oral supplements.  Let me see how to describe this delicious drink. Okay, it tastes like berry flavored dirt! It is so nasty it takes every ounce of my being to suck down this crap.  The pills smell horrible and make me nauseated.  I was starving and the only good thing was because I mixed the fiber supplement with water I could have 2 glasses of pure fruit juice throughout the day.  Let me tell you, fruit juice never tasted so good.

That said, all that complaining, bitching, and feeling down right horrible paid off though.  And today, when I get to eat my meals I will savor each and very bite.

So what's next?  Well for the remaining 5 days I get to be on a 1200 calorie diet.  I will continue with the fiber and supplements, but I will now add a liver primer supplement.  In the AM I can have a serving of fruit and protein...since I am allergic to eggs, I think I will try hummus. In the afternoon I can have a serving of veggies and protein, and in the PM I can have a serving of fruit, veggie, and protein.

Of course there is the 2 liter minimum water intake which is really important, that I am doing as well.

So this is pretty much my start of the program. From now until I finish my program each Wednesday will be a WeightNot Program update!

Here's to getting fit and healthy! xoxo

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  1. wow, that did take a long time! I ordered my weightnot program on the 13th, I got a package yesterday the 26th of the binder, pedometer, food scale and measuring tape. I was told I would get the supplements in a week or two. But I dont know. Yes, please keep us updated on your journey. Also how was doing the detox on Monday? I was thinking would be better to do it on the weekend so I wont go to work irritable? LOL Just wanted to know how was going to work during those days? Thank you!