Friday, March 15, 2013

Fashion Friday - OOTD

Okay, so this has been one hell of a two weeks!!  Last week I had strep, then Bird got a stomach bug, then I got the stomach bug Birdie had, then Bird got strep....yeah it was awesome & I was M.I.A pretty all week.  It SUCKED! So I haven't really gotten up enough energy to really get myself completely fashionable lately (i.e. I looked like a "college student" yesterday according to my boss...which is actually fine by me b/c that means I still look YOUNG! BOOM!)

Anyway, today I am showing you what I am wearing to work today, comfortable and casual, yet still able to get away with it at the office....(psdotcom don't mind the office bathroom pic...I had no choice today....I have not been very organized this week!)

Blazer - SO...
Top - Hanes
Cargo Skinny Pants - L.E.I.
Shoes - Faded Glory (ummmm so comfy!!)
Belt - Thrifted

Fashion Friday's with Queen Nicole

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