Wednesday, February 27, 2013

30 Before 30

Okay, here's the deal, I have have addressing myself as a 20-something because quite frankly I have a hard time admitting that I am 20-something close to 30.  It's time to come clean......

I am 28.
I will be turning 29 on July 30th, 2013.
I have 1 more year of my "roaring" 20's.

I have done a lot in my 20's. I was married (at 19 but married nonetheless), had a daughter, divorced, married again, inherited another daughter and moved quite a few times too.  I have led a pretty exciting life I think.

But I want to accomplish more.  I have a little over a year until I turn 30 and I am freaking out.  So, to battle this freak out I am doing the 30 Before 30 Challenge!

Here's my list:
  1. Write a book (not necessarily have it published)
  2. Visit L.A.
  3. Place my hands in the same cement that Marilyn Monroe & Jane Russell had done years before
  4. Learn Portuguese (conversational at the very least)
  5. Find a job that I love in the industry that I want to be a part of
  6. Make a point to go to happy hour at least once per month
  7. Get to my goal size
  8. Ride a motorcycle
  9. Read all the best British classics
  10. Read all the best American classics
  11. Go to a concert...preferably Coachella (just because I want to wear daisy dukes & flowers in my hair)
  12. Sew my own dresses
  13. Go Snowboarding
  14. Learn legit and not on the Wii
  15. Take Pole Dancing Lessons
  16. Karaoke...can you believe I have never done this? (probably b/c my singing sucks!)
  17. Take a British Literature course
  18. Revisit New York City
  19. See a Broadway Show
  20. Go to the Little League World Series (to watch of course!)
  21. Go hiking
  22. Read the bible cover-to-cover
  23. Understand what I read in the bible cover-to-cover
  24. Pay off all credit cards so all I have is the house debt
  25. Grow a fruit & vegetable garden
  26. Get another tattoo
  27. Start a book club
  28. Leave a $100 tip on a $20 dollar bill for a waiter/waitress who is deserving
  29. Cut out sugar (or at least limit it to one item per day)
  30. Learn to be happy with the choices I have made and forgive myself for the choices I have not
Believe it or not a lot of these are difficult for me. Mostly because I am a worrier & I am terrified of flying...sigh...OK, OK, I am a HUUUUUGGGGEEE wimp.  

Anyone else out there doing this challenge or like me??  I need some encouragement.

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