Thursday, February 21, 2013

I Do THIS for Fun!

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You all know how much I love makeup.  I love the ability to create a work of art and the best thing about it is every canvas is different.  Twice this month I had the opportunity to teach my first makeup seminars to some weary parents about makeup on their dancer.  New dancer moms, with the fabulous Shining Stars School of Performing Arts, needed a little help with makeup application for their dancer.  I volunteered my services and provided them with a class on how to apply makeup on their young dancer in a way that doesn't make them look too mature for their age but magnifies their natural beauty on stage.

I decided to share this information with you!  Here is what my makeup kit usually has!


Primer - Face primer is used to "prime" the skin prior to putting on foundation, powder, and/or other cosmetics.  It serves two main purposes (1) to achieve a smooth and even completion and (2) enables the makeup to stay on for an extended amount of time for a flawless and long-lasting look

Which one's to use & why:

  • Clear (Most will use clear)
  • Green (If you have a lot of Redness)
  • Lavender (If you have a lot of Yellowish undertones)

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, Ulta's Matte Primer! But the past couple of times I went, they were out!! I must order it from the website.  It is seriously fab!

Liquid Foundation - Liquid foundation stays longer and provides better coverage. 
  • Maybelline FitME Foundation I have used for a while now and is the brand I recommend. I love the coverage and how well it keeps my natural features too. I have a lot of freckles, and while the foundation offers coverage for my imperfections, it still lets my angel kisses shine.
Powder Foundation - Powder foundation will set your liquid foundation and make it stay put.  It will still smear a little but not as much if you just had the liquid foundation on.

Blush - Blush will brighten up the face and not make you look flushed and washed out.
  • For light skin tones use a light peachy/pink blush 
  • For medium skin tones use a rosy pink/deep peach (medium looking pinks)
  • For dark skin tones use a rose/deep orange color
Bronzer - Bronzer is used to help contour the face and provide a more symmetrical and natural look.  To choose the correct shade chose a few shades darker than your foundation.

You can totally get away with using eyeshadows for this too!


Primer - For the same reasons as the face primer (see above)

Urban Decay and Too Faced are some of my favorite primers, but I also love using the Jumbo Cream Eye Pencils by NYX. They work just as great and some shadows seem to pop out even better than using the different mono colored primers. PLUS THEY ARE WAYYYYY CHEAPER TO USE!

Shadow - Depending on your eye color you will want to choose different shades.
  • For green/hazel eyes use plum, burgundy and reddish brown shadows
  • For brown/dark brown eyes use taupey purples
  • For blue eyes use warm orangey copper-based shades
Eye Liner - There are three different types of eye liner, gel, liquid, and pencil
  • For deep dramatic eyes, use liquid
  • For for sultury and softer looking eyes, use gel
  • For even softer looking eyes and less dramatic, use pencil
Mascara - There are so many mascaras out there that you can use to enhance your lashes.  Remember to replace it the moment it becomes clumpy, which is usually around the sixth month mark

LIPS - Lipstick should be treated like blush. Depending on your skin tone your lipstick will be different.
  • For light skin tones choose soft pinks or neutrals 
  • For medium skin tones mid tones or reddish berry colors
  • For dark skin tones use deep plum colors
Brushes - I recommend using brushes over the sponge tipped applicators.  They are easier to use and help blend the colors much better.  I use Crown Brush (they are fabulous and I believe they are the makers of a high-end makeup company's brushes).  You can also use brushes from Studio Tools (available via target) and ULTA has this little kit that is pretty decent as well.

So what does your makeup kit look like?

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