Wednesday, February 20, 2013

WeightNot Wednesday - Coming Soon

I still get a great deal of emails and responses about the WeightNot Program and it was my understanding that the program has changed quite a bit since I had did it.  When I finished the program I was okay with the weight I had lost, although in the back of my mind I wanted to loose more.

So, I decided to check in to the WeightNot program again and have decided that I want to kick this last 20 lbs that I want to loose.  I have purchased the 67 day program and am currently waiting for the materials to come in.  Once the package is received I will be doing WeightNot Wednesday.

What is WeightNot Wednesday you ask?  Well, I will be going over the program with readers and giving an update on my weekly progress.  I encourage anyone that is on the program now to join in the conversation with me OR if you are doing a different weight loss program I want to know how you are doing.

Once I have the package with all the materials I will go over what the contents are, how the program works, the difference from before and most importantly....the COST!!

Here's too finally finishing off that last bit of weight for good!


  1. I been looking into weightnot as well. I noticed a lot of people are complaining of delays on shipment. Have you experienced this as well? I hope to be purchasing the 97 day program soon. Also the cost is a lot more than what it was a couple years ago :(.

    1. Yes, there has been a significant delay in the shipment, so much so that I sent them an email. I will touch on the customer service when I do my first post. I will say I am not as satisfied as I was the first go around.

  2. I was told due to the commercial airing they have had an overwhelming demand for it and that's why there is a huge delay. I was told 2 weeks, but I'm thinking more like 3+ weeks! I still feel like this is one of the best weight loss programs out there so I will just wait it out. Look forward to your post about your experience!