Friday, February 22, 2013

Fashion Friday - OOTD Kid's Wear

I want to welcome my very special guest to this weeks Fashion Friday linkup!  It is my daughter and she couldn't wait to be featured in one of my posts!

For her birthday (which was last week in case you missed it I talk about it here) I agreed to let her take over Fashion Friday's post this week.  She decided that she would do an Outfit of the Day post! =)

Hi  everyone I am Kaileigh and im 8. fashion is not hard just use everything with SPARKLES GET IT now that is good advice ok if u follow my rules someone might say i love your outfit so do what i told u. i say we do it!!!!!!!!!

Shirt - Total Girl (isn't this awesome?! the suspenders are attached!)
Skirt - Monster High Dress-up (from Walmart)
Jeggings - No Boundries (from Walmart)
Shoes - Hot Cakes
Glasses - Attitude Glasses (from Claires)
Hair - Hot Buns, Large edition

I told you she was a fashionista in the making. Her entire outfit was her pick.

Link up your Fashion post & leave an encouraging comment for her! =)


  1. Lovin' the look! Those glasses are a great finishing touch. Good job Kaileigh :)


  2. She's Adorable!

    -maison ariani