Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday - Easy Breezy "Collared" Girl (or Boy if you want)

Like the pun??  Haha! Okay, today's tutorial is so freakin' easy, you can seriously do it on your lunch break, or while you pop a pizza in the oven!  SO EASY!!

What you need:

  • Large fun beads, or anything that will inspire your collar
  • A sewing needle
  • Thread to match the fabric of your collar
  • A shirt with a collar (obviously!)

  1. Thread your needle; doubling it up and triple knotting the bottom (or double if you choose thicker thread)
  2. Place the bead at the corner of the collar and start sewing from underneath your collar through the bead and back through again; slightly underneath the bead (to hid the thread)
  3. Follow the same pattern three times, keeping the thread tight
  4. Tie it off & you are DONE!  That's right DONE!!
I seriously want to do this to so many of my collars! 

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