Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Liebster Blog Award

I have be tagged by Just Another Primadonna Girl for the Liebster Blog Award. It's sounds fun, so I thought I would give it a go!  It will give you a little insight to my life anyway. =)

Here are the rules for the award
1. each person must list 11 things about themselves
2. answer the 11 questions the tagger has set for you, plus set 11 questions for the people you tag
3. choose 11 bloggers linking them to the post
4. go to their blog and inform them you have nominated them 
5. NO tag backs what so ever!
6. you can only tag bloggers with less than 200 followers

11 things about me:
1. I have been married twice (currently on my second marriage just had our 3 year anniversary)

2. I only have one biological child (Bird)
3. I cannot have anymore children (not because I don't want to either)
4. My family is my world. I would do anything for them!
5. I am the oldest of 4
6. My passion is fashion & beauty but I work in an industry that doesn't allow me to express this passion
7. I love to read and when I find a book I really like I can sit all day on the couch and read the entire book (until I have a massive headache!)

8. I love god and church but I rarely go (I'm a little ashamed, perhaps I will make a concerted effort to make it to church this week!)
9. I love 80's movies
10. I would love to open a Sonic in my town (They play commercials here all the time but the closest one is HOURS away!! WTF?) just because
11. I watch Disney Channel even when I'm not with my kids!  Wha?? Good Luck Charlie is freakin' awesome!

Primadonnas 11 Questions
1. why do you blog?

My blog is my creative outlet that I don't get to use at work. I find that I love to write and would love to do it more often
2. fave movie?

Dirty Dancing --I could watch it a million times and never get sick of it!
3. who is your fave designer?

Right now, I love Betsey Johnson, Maxx Azria, & Rebecca Minkoff!
4. what did you take/taking/ hoping to take at collage?

I graduated with my bachelor's degree in HR and my master's degree in management --The necessary degrees once you become a mother I guess...not what I wanted to do but I needed stability and something to work around my schedule.
5. who makes you laugh the most?

Seriously, my 7 y/o daughter!  She is one of the funniest people I know!
6. ever been recognized in public by a follower?

Nope, not yet. Maybe one day!
7. what ONE beauty product could you not live without?

Facial cleanser. I hate my skin feeling gross. Truth is I never had to deal with it as a teen. Now in my 20's (since I have had my has completely changed! I am so annoyed!)
8. who is your all time fave singer/band?

*N SYNC. (I hope I am not showing my age here!)
9. in a relationship or single?

10. who is your fave youtuber?

The ShayTards & Michael Buckley! Both are hilarious!
11. who is your fave blogger?

Probably Mandy at Sugarbee Crafts!

11 Questions for the blogs I tag
1. What is the meaning behind your blog name?
2. What is your favorite social network?
3. What is the current song playing on your iPod?
4. What is your "go-to" accessory?
5. If you could accomplish one thing in life what would it be?
6. Why? 
7. What is your favorite sport to watch/play?
8. What is your favorite brand of makeup?
9. What is the one hair product you can't live without?
10. What is your favorite topic to blog about?
11. What is the best fashion memory you had?

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