Friday, March 2, 2012

Fashion Friday - Time to Accessorize

Happy Fashion Friday everyone!!  This week I am focusing on accessories! I am an accessory addict. Anything and everything that has to do with accessorizing I just love.  I am not one to go uber crazy with those independent consultants but I do have to show you something I had to purchase from a Cookie Lee Party that I had gone to.


My Bow accessories!  I LOVE them! They are so awesome and sparkly!! I can't remember how much they cost, I think all together it was about $90.  So a little pricey but they were so pretty I couldn't resist getting them.

I also wear these often as well.  These are my zebra and big rose collection.  All of which were purchased at Claire's.  Ok, I feel kind of dumb when I say that b/c I instantly think of Claire's as being a "tween" store, but my daughters love it there, and I find a lot of cute things there as well, hence the zebra earrings (I get more compliments on these earrings than I do any other piece of jewelry).

Accessorizing is so important! I never leave home with out accessories! EVER!  Accessorizing can jazz up old ensembles that need a boost or to just give it a whole new look.  Like I did in a previous Fashion Friday post!

Before I put my outfit on, I place pieces with the outfit of the day and mix and match accessories.  This helps me determine what will be worn and what won't. 

Tell me how you accessorize and what your favorite pieces are!

Accessorizing my life!


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