Friday, February 3, 2012

Fashion Friday

Keeping up with the themes during the week makes me continue to keep this blog afloat. Even with the small amount of followers I have. =) I love every one of you!  Enter our Friday theme!

Every Friday will be "Fashion Friday."  It will be the day during the week where I dedicate one day solely to fashion, whether it be accessories, clothes or and outfit of the day!  I may even throw in my nail decor for the week or a hair style I am wearing!

You know, it's funny the better you begin to feel about life in general the more interested you become in fashion and accessories...well, for me any way! So for this Fashion Friday I am going to show you what I wore to work.

Now, most offices are casual on Friday's but mine you can never really tell, so I try to remain business like all week long. Plus, I have no other reason to dress up other than work so I might as well enjoy it right?  Because the moment the weekend comes, I am in sweats, t-shirts, and soft and cozy bedroom socks all the way (given that I am not stepping out of the house!)

I don't have many clothes because I have gone on a Clothes Shopping Strike until I tone myself up! So, I need to get creative with my outfits to make them look better then what they are and not make it look like I wear the same freakin' thing every week!

Let's get to it, shall we?  Today I am wearing a scarfed red dress (a couple of years old that I bought from Dressbarn when I was so obsessed with them).  I cinched it above the waist with a large black belt, and added a red, black, and white (w/some sparkles!) scarf. I threw on some black tights that have a ribbed design on them with my favorite knee high black stiletto boots. I accessorized further with my large black flower ring and my gold Mickey Mouse watch (I have a collection of Disney/Mickey watches), and lastly my gold L.O.V.E. earrings!  For my hair I straightened it and bumped it at the crown and gave myself a braided head band.

Of course I am wearing red because today we are recognizing heart disease for women which kills more women then all cancers combined according to  Go to their website to learn more about it.  We need to all stick together and fight this horrible disease!

I love figuring out new ways to wear old clothes!  Share with me what you like to do with your old clothes too!

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