Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Slow down, Grad School, & Not Enough Time in the Day!

Ok I think the slow down of the weight loss is coming.  They warned me that there may be a period where the weight flucuates and some days I will loose a couple pounds and other days a couple ounces.  So that can be a little discouraging but I am still willing to continue to work at it.

So today will be a short post, because I am in Grad school and I have been working away on this conference topic which is really a opinion topic but we have to find scholarly references.  UGGHH! So I must carry on with that! Which means, that since I work full time, the only time I have is when I get home, and I must get dinner going for the rest of the fam and then make mine, plus do homework, housework, baths, etc....therefore, there is not enough time in the day for me to do all this.  P.S. I am EXHUSTED!!!

So the detox phase is over, but I am starting to really like the tea.  I have to save it for the transition phase though, so I am looking for some tea to supplement the coffee I am missing in the morning. 

Anyway, got to go finish up my homework!

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