Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Full Week....Drumroll Please.....

Today marks 7 days of injections and 5 days of the low calorie diet and for the five days of the low calorie diet I have lost a total of:

7.6 lbs!

So far the diet has worked, because that is about 1 lbs per day if you count the 2 days of loading.  I skip injections every 7th day, and today, I could feel the difference.  I was more hungry than I have been.  So what does that mean?  The HCG injections are working.  With them I am more full, without them, I am hungry. 

Tonight I really didn't feel like cooking (I was suppose to make chicken soup) so I decided to make something quick and easy.  Instead of lean meat, I can substitute 3 egg whites and 1 full egg.  I made that instead and ate that with a cup of romaine lettuce, and it was quite tasty!  and I was full after the meal. 

In addition, my keytone level raised to moderate today, whereas the past couple of days it was a trace and small.  The moderate means my body is really starting to get rid of the fat! Awesome! What's even better, I could tell the difference this time!

My mood has been good, my energy stable, and my hunger under control! Here is to another successful week ahead!

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