Monday, March 22, 2010

On HIGH alert!

Side effects are a known fact with anything you do medically.  I put a call in to my coordinator today to talk about some of the possible side effects I am having which, are scary.  I can't determine whether or not I am freaking myself out or I should really be concerned.  One of the side effects are clotting.  I looked up symptoms and it is possible I only have one of the symptoms, leg pains.  However; I start to panic a little bit and find myself having shortness of breath.  I believe that is because I am panicing because once I calm down I am fine.

On top of the fear, I am 1. either getting sick, or 2. my allergies have started early this season! My nose is stuffy, ears are stuffed, throat is scratchy! UGH! And I don't know if I am allowed to take allergy medicine with this diet.  So again, I am waiting to hear from my coordinator to see if that is ok.

This morning when I weighed....I gained! Not much but...what the heck! Today I think was bound to be a bad day.  They said there would be a time where I may flucuate or hit a plateau, I hope that this is the only week that happens. 

Tommorow is official weigh-in post!

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